My Brother, My Brother and Me –  is an advice show for the modern era where like chilean miners emerging from the ground, three brothers from Huntington West Virginia takes your questions and turns them alchemy like into wisdom. Or at least really poor advice. Recommended for teens and up, though the Candlenight Shows are all ages. Hour long episodes, updates every Monday.

Documentaries and non-fiction

Criminal – Criminal is about crime. It’s about criminals and victims, about crime writers and police dogs, about specific cases and criminal psychology. Recommended for teenage listeners and up, contains themes of death and violence. 25-30 minute episodes, updates regularly.

Lore – Explores the real world fears that make up the root of supernatural beings and phenomenon by using historical evidence and folklore to explain where vampires came from, why deep, dark caves scare us so much and where the real monsters live. Recommended for adult listeners, contains descriptions of death and gore. 15-30 minute episodes, updates regularly.

The McElroy Brothers Will Be in Trolls 2 – A serious documentary about how the McElroy brothers got cast as voice actors in Trolls 2. Somewhat psychic. Recommended for absolutely everyone, but especially people working at DreamWorks. 20 minute episodes, updates ???

Serial – Serial follows a single story every season, exploring evidence and reporting back on what may have actually happened. Recommended for adult listeners, contains descriptions of murder scenes. 50-60 minute episodes, season one and two are completed at the time of writing.

Stranglers – In the style of Serial, Stranglers explore the case of the Boston Strangler, the unanswered questions that surround the case and the women that fell victim to the serial killer. Recommended for adult listeners only, contains descriptions of murder scenes and victims. 45 minute episodes, updates regularly.

True Crime All the Time – Breaks down cases of murder and serial killers, with timelines, testimonies and verdicts. Many of the cases are less known. Conversational tone, recommended for adult listeners only, contains descriptions of murder scenes and victims. Hour long episodes, updates regularly.

Radio theatre/narrative

Alice Isn’t Dead – From the creators of Welcome to Nightvale.  A truck driver drives across America, trying to find her missing wife and encountering strange things along the way. Recommended for adult listeners, contains descriptions of violence. 30 minute episodes, season 2 coming in 2017.

The Black Tapes – Spooky fictional documentary about supernatural events and the way they affect the people pursuing them. Sister podcast to Tanis. Recommended for adult listeners, contains descriptions of gore and spooks. 30-40 minute episodes, updates regularly.

LifeAfter – From the creators of The Message. Low-level FBI clerk Ross Barnes copes with the loss of his wife by listening to her voice messages on the social media site Voice Tree. One day, he hears something he wasn’t expecting — a new recording. Recommended for teen listeners and up, contains spooks and topics of death. 30 minute episodes, updates weekly.

Limetown – Spooky fictional journalism, investigating the mystery of what happened to the people living in Limetown. Recommended for adult listeners, contains descriptions of violence and spooks. 2-40 minute episodes, completed.

The Message – Spooky fictional reports on the findings of a message from outer space and what happens when you decode it. Recommended for adult listeners, contains spooks. 14-20 minute episodes, completed.

Spines – Spooky fictional mystery. Two months ago, Wren woke up in an attic, covered in blood. She now spends her time trying to regain her lost memories of what happened in the attic. Recommended for adult listeners and fans of Alice Isn’t Dead. 18-25 minute episodes, updates regularly.

Tanis – Spooky fictional documentary about finding an occult location that may or may not exist. Sister podcast to The Black Tapes. Recommended for adult listeners, contains descriptions of gore and spooks. 30-50 minute episodes, updates regularly.

Thrilling Adventure Hour – In the style of old time radio, Thrilling Adventure Hour offer a wide range of storylines, from the space western of Sparks Nevada to the paranormal adventures of the married mediums Frank and Sadie Doyle. Recommended for all ages. 30-60 minute episodes on average, recorded in front of a live audience. Updates sporadically.

Welcome to Night Vale – Welcome to the fictional desert town of Nigh Vale. Hello to Cecil Palmer, the charismatic (well) community radio host and his tireless reports on what’s going on in this strange little town. Recommended for teenage listeners and up, contains some descriptions of violence and weirdness. 30 minute episodes, updates twice a month.

Reviews (well…)

My Dad Wrote A Porno – Imagine if your dad wrote a porno. Imagine if you’d read that porno aloud to your two friends and then recorded it for everyone to listen in on. This is My Dad Wrote A Porno. Adult listeners only, contains so much bad sex you have no idea. 20-45 minute episodes, updates regularly.

Till Death Do Us Blart – The McElroy brothers team up with the guys from Worst Idea of All Time to watch and review Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 every Thanksgiving until forever. Recommended for adult listeners. Hour and a half long episode, updates every Thanksgiving.

Worst Idea of All Time – Two comedians from New Zealand watch and review the same movie every week for a full year. Join them on the decent into madness. Recommended for adult listeners. 30-40 minute episodes, updates regularly.


Adventure Zone – Three brothers and their dad play DnD together. Shenanigans ensue. Recommended for adult listeners, contains dick jokes and descriptions of violence. 50-100 minute long episodes, updates regularly.