2017 · Netflix and Chill · Reading Rainbow

On Kamikaze Girls

One of my all-time favorite movies is Kamikaze Girls, or Shimotsuma Monogatari as it’s called in Japanese. It’s based on a novel by Novala Takemoto that I finally finished reading today and although I’m not at all an emotional person, there were many moments that got me all choked up. I have no idea of this is a well-known movie at all, or if it’s more a niche thing for western Lolitas or whatever it is but man, it’s so good.


It’s relatively rare to find good movies where women are allowed to be front and centre throughout, flaws and all, personality and all but Kamikaze Girls really pulls that off for me. It’s about friendship between and the book, at least in my opinion, has some queer context in how Momoko refers to Ichiko. Even if that’s just me projecting a deep desire for more queer characters in media I love, the way these women are portrayed as loving and relentlessly loyal despite their many differences is more than worth a read or watch.

I think watching the movie first made the book better for me, but you could probably go either which way if you can get a hold of them. Also, what’s bad about watching Anna Tsuchiya kick ass for an hour and a half?


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