On True Crime All the Time

Like a lot of comic artists right now apparently I’m a little bit addicted to true crime podcasts. I’ve talked about Stranglers before, and ever since I finished it I’ve been looking for a worthy replacement. So far no luck – they’re big shoes to fill – but I still want to take a moment to talk about True Crime All the Time.

True Crime All the Time is hosted by two Mikes (what’s up with Mikes and true crime podcasts?) and each episode or couple of episodes is dedicated to either a serial killer or a specific case of a single murder that’s of particular interest. A lot of these are cases I’ve never even heard of before, or like in the case of Robert Pickton a case I knew through Criminal Minds but never actually knew the real story. The tone of the podcast is conversational, sometimes a little too light hearted or in-jokey for my taste but not necessarily¬†tasteless.

Some time is spent lamenting the victims, but unlike Stranglers (seriously, enormous shoes to fill) there’s little discussion or reflection about what crimes says about our society, how media is handling it in terms of reporting and also encouraging copy cats, or how certain characteristics like mental illness, gender identity, transvestitism or sexuality isn’t actually a sign of a dangerous or, in the latter examples, a sick individual. I think that’s my greatest criticism actually, but TCATM is made by two presumably white middle-aged men so I didn’t really have very high hopes going in.

If you want thoroughly presented (but not analysed) re-tellings of murder cases that aren’t the usual suspects of Dahmer and Bundy (though they’ve claimed they’re doing the big ones at some point) then True Crime All the Time is a good choice. It’s pretty easy listening, but don’t expect too much thinking or discussion outside of the case itself.


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