2017 · Life: Mind Palace

On in-betweens

I’ve had about three different things I’ve wanted to write about and I can’t settle on any of them, possibly because I slept a grand total of four hours tonight courtesy of a restless cat and I don’t even know why I’m sleeping so little lately. Anyway. Here’s a sleep-deprived rambly state-of-the-Rica post, as it’s been a little bit since I wrote one last.

Work is slow right now, mostly because I just sent off a big project and all the other stuff I have to do are all in the pitching and script writing stage which takes a long time without resulting in a large amount of finished work. I’m not in bad place really, I have some really fun things lined up and a couple of other prospects waiting but it’s always a nervous time when you’re in-between stuff. I love the hustle but this is perhaps my least favorite part.

Speaking of work, recent events has me doubling down on the never-work-with-relatives rule. I did some work for my cousin’s wedding, which was implied to be actual hired work and not a cheap or free favour because if that was the case I never would’ve done anything because hey, we’re not all rich and successful Jeremy. (This is not his name, it’s just convenient). Anyway, I sent an invoice a couple of days after the wedding and then a gentle reminder two weeks before the payment was due just in case he doesn’t check his wedding email and guess what happened? Yep. He doesn’t want to pay, or at least not what I’m asking which is barely a reasonable salary for the amount of work I did. The kicker is, of course, that he too is a freelancer in the creative works and couldn’t stop praising my good work or tell me that he understands how shitty it is when people ask for free shit. And still, this.

Never do work for family, folks. Don’t do it.

No new DnD sessions scheduled yet, though I’m heading over to my best friend in about an hour for a one-shot. I’ve revived my first ever DnD character for it, a half-elf bard that never got the chance to be much of anything because none of us, especially the DM, knew what we were doing. Now he rises from the ashes as Hyarion Loreweaver, charlatan and shithead extraordinaire. Maybe it’s a good thing that I’m sleep deprived if I’m going to play this asshole successfully. I’ll report back tonight or tomorrow on how it went.


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