2017 · Games: It's-a me Mario

30 Day Video Game Challenge – Day 30

Day 30 – Your favourite game of all time

The last and final day! What am I supposed to write about now? My life? Please.

Picking my favourite game of all time is pretty tricky (like most of these) because the criteria are so different. One of my favourites is Grim Fandango, but I don’t particularly enjoy playing it. LA Noire is wonderful, as is Dragon Age: Origins and the Elder Scrolls series. I’ll defend Final Fantasy VIII and X until the day I die, but I’ve talked about all of these games a whole bunch already. So, instead I think I’m going to pick a game maybe not a ton of people know exist.

Discworld II from 1996. I played this game to bits. I’m still sad that I had to sell my copy to cover a phone bill even though it’s been a good 13 years since then. If I can ever get my hands on it again, I will never let go. It’s a wonderfully quirky point and click game that captures the charm of Discworld in the voice of Eric Idle and puzzles that are definitely outside of the box but follows the weird type of logic that makes the books what they are. It’s worth playing, despite it’s age. I found an emulator online, but I’m unsure if the sound actually works. Game loads, though.

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Day 30 – Your favourite game of all time


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