2017 · Games: It's-a me Mario

30 Day Video Game Challenge – Day 22

Day 22 – A game sequel which disappointed you.

It kind of hurts to say, but NiGHTS: Journey into Dreams was… not great. The original game NiGHTS into Dreams was built on so much charm and mystery – you never really knew what was going on or why you were doing stuff and there was joy in that. The sequel felt… well, like a game aimed at a much younger audience than the fans who waited 12 years for it and while that’s fine and cool and dandy, it should at least match the intended age group of its predecessor.


Instead it was corny, over-designed and super easy to forget that it even exists. At least they ported NiD to PS3 so I can play it whenever I want, without worrying about the Saturn internal battery dying or finding a PAL copy on ebay that won’t set me back $60.

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Day 22 – A game sequel which disappointed you.
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Day 30 – Your favourite game of all time


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