2017 · Games: you can't crit with us

On natural 20s

After a three month hiatus or so, we finally had our third DnD session! Shit kind of hit the fan but Elira, my halfling cleric of the raven queen, got to do some really bad ass stuff that made up for her not really doing anything cool up until this point.

• She got to discover mysterious magical items herself and two others had carried all this time.
• Got her holy symbol taken twice in the span of like four days.
• Talked shit to an 8 foot dragonborn bandit in draconic. It did not end well.
• Cast a guiding bolt for the first time, which ended up killing a guy, which was also a first. She has a lot to think about.
• Nearly died when she took a lightning bolt from said dragonborn to the face.
• Got to do the most brilliant natural 20, resulting in a baseball dive between the dragonborns legs so she could stabilize their fallen warlock.

I drew this during the session and I think it sums up that whole thing. It was super fun and epic and I’m so excited for the next time.

My halfling is having A Day. . . . . . . #art #dungeonsanddragons #dnd #cleric #sketch

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