2017 · Games: It's-a me Mario

30 Day Video Game Challenge – Day 2

Day 2 – Your favourite character.

This answer was pretty obvious, so obvious that I had to have a long hard think before I actually found it but in the end it can be none other than Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy VIII. Part of this is because it was my first Playstation game ever, after a childhood of oldschool GameBoy and precious few PC games, but also because he actually genuinely resonated with me as a person then and continues to do so now. 

I think a lot of people misinterpret him as a broody hero when in reality he’s as big of a dork as his spoilery dad. I mean, look at this scene.

There are layers to him, and an internal struggle that really resonated with me at age 15 or 16 or whatever I was when I played this — of being unprepared for responsibility, of having long inner monologues that you don’t trust other people with because you’re so scared of being hurt and abandoned (again). Of being clumsy and awkward and if a trained gunblade expert who’s been in military school since age 5 can feel that way, maybe it’s okay that I do too. That he steps up to the plate, finds love and friends and a purpose in life, that meant more to me then than I ever really realised until right now as I’m writing this. Huh.

tl;dr I love Squall, fite me. 

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Day 2 – Your favourite character.
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