2017 · Podcasts

On Stranglers

I’m a pretty big fan of police procedural, criminology, true crime stories and especially serial killer narratives. I’ve gotten lost in White Chapel looking for Buck’s Row, I’ve watched interviews with Jeffrey Dahmer and Richard Ramirez, I’ve mainlined shows like Criminal Minds and Cold Case. Maybe that’s why there’s no real surprise as to why I love Stranglers, a podcast that investigates the still unsolved murders committed by the Boston Strangler 50 years ago.

What’s interesting about this podcast is that it’s not really about the killer, but rather the victims and that’s something that’s shamefully rare when talking about serial killers. Not only does the podcast paint the victims as actual human beings with lives and families, but they also discuss the dangers of how media portrays killers, creating an outlaw hero mythos that others then wish to copy in order to get the same level of fame and immortality. It discusses how the signature of a killer seeps into society, changes our behaviour and our view on our fellow people, and it brings to light the primitive methods the Police Force was stuck working with in the early sixties.

Overall, it’s a well rounded and addictive podcast, though not suitable for young listeners or those easily affected by descriptions of violence both sexual and non.

If you like Stranglers you might also like: Criminal, Serial season one.


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