2017 · Life: Rica Meets World

On busy weekends

My cousin got married this Saturday, so between being absolutely overwhelmed from being super social for a good 12 hours and spending all of yesterday catching up with the boyfriend, there wasn’t much energy for blogging. Getting right back into it though, and looking at my calendar I don’t think I have anything too draining until August and Pride/Zombiewalk/Culture festivals/Dutch friends coming over to visit. We’ll see how this goes.

The boyfriend was on vacation this past week and I have to say, even though we spent a good week and a half together almost every hour of every day, I’m still not sick of him. This is the first day I’m on my own since June 23 and it’s kind of nice (I have so much work to catch up on) but at the same time I sort of miss having him around the house. That’s a good sign, right? We have fun together and we don’t want to kill each other after two days.

So, the wedding on Saturday. It was really beautiful, in a wonderful location and you could tell how much effort was put into making absolutely everything Pinterest perfect, which is exactly what it was. I had a lot of fun and I got to talk to some relatives and some of my cousin’s friends that I haven’t seen in a couple of years. It’s always fun to say that I’m a comic artist, even more so if they press me on what kind of comics I make. I’m the youngest of three cousins and I think both them and especially their friends see me as a kid still, so saying hey I make most of my money drawing lesbian porn is a big win. Oh man.

Anyway. It was good, my dress rocked and gave me such good cleavage I didn’t even feel too gender-weird about it. Seems like the boyfriend liked it too, which is such a traditional gender-roles thing to say but honestly, it’s nice to get attention of that kind from him. It’s not really part of our relationship.

Speaking of, after dinner yesterday we took a walk in the park near our apartment, because although I’ve lived here for four months now we still haven’t made our way out there. It was gorgeous and definitely a place I want to bring my mom to, or just hang out in more often. Maybe bring a picnic or buy a coffee in the cafè. They have ducks which is all I need to be happy, and a gaggle of seagulls and a couple of coots. There’s still a lot of baby birds waddling around (we’ve been surrounded by baby seagulls for weeks now) and coupled with all the babies and massively pregnant women I see every day, it’s a bit of a baby boom right now. Freaky.

Anyway. Lots of work to do, July is looking light on social stuff so far, with the exception of a 4th and July BBQ party tomorrow (that I’ll probably bail on) and my bestie moving into his new apartment on Wednesday (which I will not bail on). It’s been a good few months though. My life is so much richer since moving.


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