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On Wonder Woman

This post contains some spoilers. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you probably have no reason to read this.

I saw Wonder Woman yesterday and I had this big plan of talking about how important this movie is, how young girls will be able to see themselves in young Diana and know they can be heroes, of how much I enjoyed that there was an ethnically diverse cast and the only person of the hero team who died was the white heterosexual hero type, how much I loved that women got to be badasses throughout and that even though others had moments of heroism too, it never felt like it was on her expense.

I was going to talk about how she got to be smart, even about sex, how it skirted the born sexy yesterday trope  and then treated it as if she’s learned a language through a book and only just now went to the country where it’s spoken. I liked how she got to be fueled by the death of a man instead of the other way around, and how easily that scene could be interpreted as not being about romantic love at all, because she never vocally reciprocates that she loves him but he’s such a clear symbol for everything she’s learned since she left the island, he was the catalyst for her life and he was the one to teach her that humans contain multitudes, horrific evil and immeasurable good and that in the end, love is what matters. Love for mankind, not sweaty romantic love that movies tend to cash in on. He may have loved her but I never got the impression she loved him back all that much, it was an experience, like your first trembling relationship in high school and barely that. She was wistful, not yearning. She was a goddamn nuclear bomb and he got to do his part, he got to keep a steady shoulder while she took aim, but he never took over the spotlight by doing something other than what he was specifically there to do.

I was going to write about all these things, but in the end I’m just going to say hey. I really liked that. I think this is exactly the movie we needed.


I also want it said for the record that yesterday we went for Turkish for dinner (chicken pidé) and then bought candy at a UK Import store, which is kind of exactly what I did for the two days prior only Europeanised. This is my life now I guess?

Chicken pidé.

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