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On munchkins 

Today, me and the boyfriend made a long awaited excursion to Dunkin’ Donuts for their Tuesday Munchkin offer. This was a very important trip and the highlight of his weeklong vacation, so you bet that we took this deathly serious. In fact, I wrote half this post on my phone right after we finished eating, with great help from him. So, here you have it. The ultimate Dunkin’ Donuts munchkin taste test.

Munchkin taste test. Lemon won, with coconut at a close second. #dunkindonuts

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  • Choco choc – Plain donut with chocolate filling and white and dark chocolate frosting zig-zagged. Looks more interesting than it tastes. Boring, but not awful.
  • Managers favourite – plain with lemon and a thin (really thin) coating of icing. Really great, would buy full sized. Probably my absolute favourite.
  • Bavarian – vanilla custard. Plain but good. Classic.
  • Get roasted – coconut and cinnamon? Nutmeg? New favorite for sure sure, reminds me of soft gingerbread cake and grandmas coconut cookies all in one.
  • Go nuts – nut covered with Nutella in the middle. Pretty great but messy. Would be fun if it showed up as a regular guest player.
  • Apple cake – dry. Would have greatly benefited from a filling, like apple or vanilla custard.
  • Chocolate cake – tastes like what it says. Chocolatey, cakey, kind of close textured. Wouldn’t be great in a bigger quantity.
  • Cinnamon cake – dry but good, fine in small amounts. Had a crunchy shell which I liked.
  • Oreo dream – looks insane, tastes like an Oreo had a baby with a brownie. Not as fun as it wants to be. Also the biggest of the bunch, definitely not one you pop into your mouth unless your mouth is huge.

So there you have it. The ultimate Dunkin’ Donut munchkin taste test at that one really great but always mostly empty DD in Stockholm. We did this so you don’t have to.


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