2017 · Comics: recommendations

On Saga

I’m betting that you’ve already heard about Saga. Star-Wars-meets-Game-of-Thrones-Saga. Eisner-and-Hugo-and-Harvey-Awards winning Saga. The epic space opera that delves into social issues and war and sexuality and mental illness in a way that, for me at least, doesn’t seem preachy or stale.

Sure, it’s garnered some critique for it’s portrayal of trans characters and that’s something that should be addressed and have been addressed by people more qualified to do so than me, but it’s still gorgeous. It’s still jam packed with POC who get to be real and flawed and cursing. It’s surprising. It balances the gruesome gore of war and violence that’s so prevalent in comics with nudity and sexuality that’s just as gruesome because it’s allowed to be there and it’s allowed to be real. Just that is pretty important to me – bloody violence is rarely flagged as being mature but a boob is and in Saga both violence and boobs (non sexualised boobs at that) are front and centre. It’s equally mature, like swearing, like love and childbirth and war. Breastfeeding shouldn’t be more controversial than blowing someone’s head off.

If you haven’t heard of Saga, you can pick it up on Comixology or in hardcopy at your local comic book store. If you have heard of Saga – what other comics do you enjoy that are like it? Give me some recommendations!


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