2017 · Life: Rica Meets World

On Irish Punk

Oops, it seems as though I took a little bit of a blog vacation over the weekend! Double scheduled posts are coming to catch up. I don’t really have a good excuse, other than that it’s been hot, I’ve been sleepy and I’m enjoying this book on 17th century court records way too much to bother with the internet.

Anyway. On Friday, me and my best friend went to see Flogging Molly in concert. It’s a tradition whenever they come to Stockholm, one that we’ve realised is probably the glue that will keep us together for the rest of our lives or at least as long as the band keeps playing shows here. This is the third time they’ve come to Stockholm, the third time we’ve gone and they never fail to be perhaps the best live band I’ve gone to. I don’t even really listen to their music outside of concerts and yet there’s a visceral reaction when I see the announcement pop up. Here’s a brief clip from the concert this year:


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They played a few songs they’ve never done in Stockholm before, which made me realise that holy shit I’ve been listening to them for at least 15 years – they released Swagger in 2000 and I clearly remember listening to Life in a Tenement Square when I still went to secondary school so probably sometime around 2001-2002. I’m getting old. It’s kind of glorious.


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