2017 · Comics: recommendations

On Larkspur

Back in the day, there weren’t a lot of webcomics to choose from and so you could have a really successful webcomic without being that good at drawing or even basic post production. This may sound like a snub but really it’s just proof how far we’ve come – these days it’s really not hard at all to find webcomics who look and read better than many professionally published Big Two comics. Many of these are made in whatever off time the creator has, available for free, sometimes on a free hosting site. It’s just one or two people with an internet access and an idea and it’s staggering how beautiful some of them really are. As far as comics go, we live in a blessed age – at least when you look to web and indie comics, which you absolutely should.

One of these mindblowingly gorgeous comics is Larkspur by Grace Mulcahy. In some ways it reminds me of Der-Shing Helmers The Meek in that it’s solid both in writing and art, the design is intriguing and the actual execution is some of the best out there. Larkspur is a story about post-nuclear gang war that manages to meet the subject of violence with humor without romanticising the actual violent aspect. Bloody, but not gory, and short enough that you can easily catch up in an afternoon. Go read it.


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