2017 · Life: Rica Meets World

On the best pizza in Stockholm

I’m sure I talked about this pizza before. Crispy sourdough crust, real marinara sauce, wonderful balance of flavors… so good me and the boyfriend actually took a trip into Stockholm specifically for this pizza today. Italian style this time, with minced meat and goat cheese. Still amazing, though I think their American pizzas may be better.

Sthlms bästa pizza. #pizzeriacornersthlm

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We stopped by Soda Nation too, since it’s right across the road and I got myself a grape FayGo because why the hell not, honestly. That was supposed to be the end of the day but walking back to the subway we decided to detour into the USA Candy store and I came home with moon pie, NutterButters and some discount apple pie popcorn that are actually a lot better than I ever anticipated.

Popcorn adventures

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I’m so happy that I’m with a person who allows me to enjoy food without being a foodie. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed eating as much as I have these past few months, living with this guy.


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