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On Guardians of the Galaxy 2

We went to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 at the cinema today. I had really low expectations, but you know what? I think I enjoyed it more than I did the first one. This isn’t going to be some great analysis, because others do that better – Movies with Mikey did a great one for GotG1 that I’ll add in before the spoiler cut – but I do have some feelings I’d like to get down for posterity.

So, I wasn’t a huge fan of the first GotG movie. I like it better after watching Mikey’s analysis of it, for sure, but it didn’t leave a huge impression on me and most of the time I thought it was way too predictable. Good start, but after that… of course the rag tag band of misfits are going to hate each other but be forced to work together long enough to find themselves as family. Of course the main heterosexual white guy is going to be a womanizer and then find some sort of chivalry without actually really changing all that much as a person. Of course there’s a big bad, of course the only women in the whole movie are pitted against each other. Of course of course of course.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t think it was bad, just painfully predictable and kind of boring. It lacked nuance that I think the second movie brought in, both to the characters and the story itself – it’s still about saving the galaxy but it’s not quite so blunt, not quite so obvious. It’s about family, but beyond the found family trope. Mantis was a good addition and I enjoyed actually getting to know Gamora and Nebula this time around. The sequel brought a depth and complexity to the characters that actually made me appreciate the first movie more, and that’s not something I get to experience all that much. I liked that the women weren’t quite so secondary. I liked that Peter got to show that he’s grown a bit, and that he still carries some pretty deep seated issues that meeting his dad and learning about his origins made worse rather than better. I liked what it said about family in general and dads especially and how Yondu got to be so much more than he was in the first movie, while still building on that one scene with the twig that was literally the one moment he got to shine.

Also, I frickin’ loved how great Sean Gunn was in this. Seriously.

This was a good movie and a better sequel. I haven’t read the comics yet but now I kind of want to pick up a few (probably Zdarsky’s run if I know myself right) but also rewatch the first movie and maybe get this one on DVD whenever it comes out. I’m converted, okay? I had fun.


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