2017 · Comics: recommendations

On The Soil that Binds Us

From time to time, I read a lot of webcomics. I subscribe to about 70 RSS feeds and got another 200+ on the to read list, which means that actually getting to new comics is difficult at best. Sometimes though I remember that I don’t actually have to catch up on this 700+ page epic spanning ten years — I can be an early adapter.

This week I’m jumping on a recently launched webcomic called The Soil That Binds Us  by Tess Thompson, a young cartoonist from Baltimore. It’s a story about death and life and what happens when the border behind those two realms break, told in an easy style with great color use and mixing between comic pages and short animation. Get on it now – there’s only 12 pages to start, but it gives you a good run down of just what this kind of thing could become!


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