2017 · Comics: recommendations

On Namesake

Webcomics are kind of my jam, partially because you get to see an artist evolve and improve over time. The art gets better, the story gets better, the execution of art and story together gets tighter and more interesting as the creator(s) find their groove. It’s not something you see as much in print comics, at least not from any major publishers. I have a whole bunch of examples of this very thing so expect a bigger write-up on that in the future.

For now, I just want to talk about Namesake. It’s a comic I’ve been meaning to read for some time now and finally I sat down to work through the almost seven year long archive – and it was totally worth it. It follows two sisters, Emma and Elaine, as they’re drawn into a fantasy world where stories are true and names have power. If you like fairytales that aren’t sugarsweet (but not grimdark either), if you enjoyed the first season of Once Upon a Time or just want a really high quality story that’ll last you a long good while, Namesake is a safe bet.

If you prefer your comics in a physical copy, volume one and two are available from Fairylogue Press. 


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