2017 · Life: The Freelancer Lifestyle

On unfulfilled promises

Full disclosure, I can be a pretty petty person. There’s a lot of people I actively dislike, sometimes for no good reason at all, which I think is fine as long as that annoyance stays with me. Personal chemistry, and all that. Most of the time this is because I can’t even intellectually wrap my head around why other people seem to adore them, or on the rare occasion why I’m being snubbed in my attempts to make a friend. Most of the time, this is a personal thing. They haven’t really done anything wrong and I understand and accept that the problem is probably with me, maybe? Who knows. Who cares.


There is anotherĀ pattern I’ve noticed that gets under my skin even more, because it tends to come from people I genuinely have a friendly rapport with already. It’s this thing where I have something going on that could use a signal boost or I’m looking for freelance work and they tell me in perfect sincerity and entirely unprompted that yes, of course they’ll retweet my thing. Of course they’ll buy a commission, they really want to, but in two months when they get a little extra cash.

And then they never do.

Maybe it’s a symptom of the internet where bonds are fickle and the stream of information comes at you fast. Maybe this is, at least partially, a problem with me and my good memory for things like these. Either way it creates this great big debt of promises that would take relatively little effort on their part and yet, nothing happens. It’s not really about fulfilling the promise, especially when it comes to a monetary exchange. I understand that life happens, unexpected events mean those $20 you promised me two months ago have to go to something else. I get that. What upsets me is the lack of communication, an acknowledgement that they did promise and they forgot or are unable to fulfil it. I’m not let down by that, I’m let down by being ignored and forgotten and left by the wayside.

If you’re my internet friend and you promise to retweet my plea for freelance work that would take two seconds of your time and literally be the difference of whether I eat or not, and you never do it… are you my friend?


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