2017 · Life: Rica Meets World

On anniversaries

Today was the one year anniversary with the boyfriend. Well, sort of. Neither of us is the romantic type and it’s difficult enough to tell when we actually got together as a couple, since we originally met on Tinder. The first thing he said to me was asking if I was going to the comic fair – no hello no nothing, just straight to the point – and we did and that, as far as I’m concerned, is the only anniversary that matters. The date isn’t even important, as long as we can go to the comic fair together once a year and sort of mark off how long we’ve actually known each other.

It’s pretty cool, how fast some things happen. Back then he was just some guy I had a lot in common with and who seemed too good to be true, and now we’ve been living together for almost three months.

So, SPX. I’ve been going since I was sixteen or seventeen, not every year but as often as I can and although there have been disappointing years, it still remains a high light. I prefer Thought Bubble, dream of going to TCAF, but Sthlm SPX is still my home con. A lot has happened in the last couple of years – it draws a bigger crowd, it’s more commercially appealing rather than artsy stapled zines and little else, and the exhibitors have upped their game with merch and banners. It’s really impressive and growing closer to the vibe of Thought Bubble for sure. I rarely buy anything these days, which is a shame, but maybe next year if I snag a table I’ll have more of an opportunity to buy or trade comics with other exhibitors. I was lucky enough to say hi to H-P Lehkonen, a queer finnish comic artist I’ve been friends with on twitter for a while now

Other things I learned today: Starbucks Iced Cappuccino is mostly air. There’s a US import store that I didn’t know about that sells Fruit Loops and although I loathe talking to cashiers, the guy running that place was so sweet and chatty that I could’ve discussed sour watermelon flavored peeps with him forever.


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