2017 · Life: The Freelancer Lifestyle

On flexibility

This could be such a long post but I’m tired, it’s getting late and I still have many miles to go before I sleep.

Flexibility does seem to be a bit of a trend for me lately. For instance, the boyfriend decided to stay home from work today, on a day where I already have a shit ton of stuff to get through and I cannot find much peace of mind when he’s around because what would I rather do than hang out with him? Exactly. Anyway, big to do list, all my routines down the drain. Luckily he had plans for the evening so I got a couple of hours to get through the list and you know what? I’ve done almost everything important. Sometimes you just have to chug through and do the best of the situation you’re in, I suppose.

My cousin is a prime example of a person you kind of need to be flexible around. He has no planning skills. Zero. If he tells me he’ll call me tomorrow, I won’t hear from him for at least a week. He’s about to get married and hired me to do some graphic design and hand text some signs for the reception, which isn’t really my forte but okay, I can do my best and hope he likes it. Problem is, there’s a lot of stuff that should’ve already been done several months ago that haven’t been done, because… well, he can’t plan and neither can his fiancee from the looks of it. The invitations, for one. They’re getting married in a month and a half, and the invitations are not posted. They’re not even finished. At this point I’m not even sure if they’re still going to have invitations, but that’s not my job to know either – I just draw the suckers.

Anyway. He called me Monday, wanting a graphic for the website they got. Luckily I’m flexible and can rush it for Tuesday. They have some changes they want to make, some color adjustments and variants. Luckily I’m flexible and can give them nine versions before the weekend, as well as come in on Sunday to do some hand texting.

Phew. Don’t work for family, okay?


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