2017 · Life: Fitness

On hydration

I swear, this isn’t about to transform into a fitness blog full of clean eating and sun salutes. Nothing wrong with that (except clean eating, that can suck my ass) but I’m still a garbage person and will most likely always be a garbage person. Two days of yoga does not change that.

I would like to talk about my other fitness and health problem though – I’m awful at drinking water. Like really seriously terrible at drinking water. When I was in the hospital after my spinal surgery and people actually monitored my liquid intake, there was a lot of harsh words and I had to force myself to take in the amount of water they wanted me to drink. Soon as I got out of there, I went back to my usual habit of soaking up whatever dew I happen to come in contact with by accident.

I’m great at drinking coffee or tea, so I’m not completely shrivelled up like a dry husk but while liquids are liquids are liquids, some liquids are more equal than others. I know I feel better when I get a good 5 glasses of water in me during a day, but unless it’s a good 30 degrees out that’s probably not going to happen. Mind you, I live in Sweden. We had a brief snowstorm yesterday. Reaching temperatures high enough where I automatically drink enough water is… unlikely if not borderline unheard of.

So, I don’t know what to do about this. A few years ago I kept a pretty decent hydration streak by filling water bottles, but eventually I slip up and then it all goes down hill. Drinking too much water in one go makes me feel full, so then I don’t eat instead and I already got problems with eating enough (another topic for another time). It’s all a mess. For now, going to try and couple every cup of tea I make with a refill of the water glass and see if that does something. Seems too simple to screw up.


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