2017 · Life: Fitness

On yoga, part one

When I was a kid, I was pretty athletic. I’d bike 2 km every day, I’d go horseback riding once a week, swimming once a week, I took a dance class on top of the mandatory PE class in school. I was a very fit child at 13 and then I was diagnosed with scoliosis that resulted in two major back surgeries and many years of not being allowed to lift anything heavier than a milk carton. It’s been almost twenty years and I still haven’t recovered when it comes to fitness, though I’ve had fits of exercising from time to time. My cardio is the worst, partially because I’m fit enough to walk forever but not so much that I can run for any significant period of time, putting me in an annoying status quo.

So, this is another step on my journey to be in better shape. I’m not looking to lose weight at all, but it would be nice to get some muscles and get into a position where I can maybe sign up for a gym and actually get something out of it other than guilt for not going often enough. Right now I’m committing to a 30 Day Yoga Challenge on doyouyoga.com and although I’ve only completed the first lesson, I think this might be a good fit for me. Fifteen minutes a day? I can do that. Stretches and bends? I’m really flexible for someone with a spine that doesn’t bend. What’s best is that after the first lesson I feel like I’ve done a workout, but I’m not sweaty and hot which is by far my least favorite state of being!

I’m not making any promises on following through, though 30 day challenges have worked well for me in the past so I have moderately high hopes for this. Besides, now that I’ve mentioned it in public, I kind of have to do it… right?



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