2017 · Life: promises promises

On prioritising

My brain works in weird ways. Well, maybe weird isn’t the right word for it. It’s more like inconvenient – like today for example, I had a plan of doing comic work until about 2 pm and then do some of the weekly cleaning chores I’ve set up for myself, get groceries, cook dinner while knowing that I did a good comic job.

Did I do this? Of course not. I was set up to do it and then I thought “hey, what if I make a cup of tea first?” Heading into the kitchen I soon realised that I was out of tea but maybe if I got really lucky one of the people who lived here before me left some non-nasty tea in one of the kitchen cupboards. No such luck. I was then faced with the choice of either heading to the store early and get to work, or clean out the cupboards from all the junk and gunk that’s been accumulating there over the years of temporary roommates. One guess to what I actually did.

It’s four hours later and I’ve cleaned out three big trash bags of junk, plus a bag of glass for recycling. I also cleaned the bathroom and vacuumed the apartment, as is my Friday routine, but between that and the kitchen detour and actually stopping for lunch, I’m quickly running out of time to actually do work. I understand that this is no one’s fault but mine but it’s still frustrating that I keep falling into this trap. On the other hand, I do work better when I don’t have pressing chores looming over my shoulder, even more so now that I don’t live on my own anymore. It’s relaxing to know that my guy will come home to a freshly cleaned apartment, no matter how much of a 50s housewife that makes me sound like.

The fact that I want to defend myself from being a bad feminism right now says a lot about the current political climate. I’m going to stop right here.


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