2017 · Internet: Look at this

On Ashly Burch

Full disclosure, I didn’t know who Ashly Burch was until a couple of months ago. I didn’t pay attention to voice acting much but since my boyfriend is a goddamn encyclopaedia when it comes to who voices who, I’ve since been somewhat educated and out of all the voice actors I now know, Ashly Burch is the only one I’ve developed a crippling crush on.

Okay, crippling is maybe a bit of an overstatement but she’s pretty amazing, okay? She’s perhaps most known for voicing Chloe Price in Life is Strange and Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn, but I like her even more when she gets to do acting on camera. Her guest play in Critical Role was my first real encounter with her where I could put a face with the voice, and her stuff with RocketJump is just… kind of amazing? My favorite is the video linked below.

To be perfectly honest with you, this post is partially inspired by me attempting to steal her haircut tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes.


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