2017 · Netflix and Chill

On food and world building, part two

Except it’s mostly about food this time I guess? In the last instalment of this surprise series I talked about Terrace House and how even a reality show like that gets long, lingering shots of delicious and identifiable food when shows from the West barely focus on what’s on the plate at all. It’s an interesting cultural thing that I might get more into later when I’ve educated myself on the subject, but for now: more recommendations.

Netflix has brought in two other shows that centre heavily on food and how it can wordlessly connect people, bring them closer together, cause conflict or bring back memories of loved ones no longer with us. The first one is Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories which is a series so good I’ve rewatched it four times in as many months. It’s mellow and beautiful, but also hilariously ridiculous at times. My favorite part is how each episode centers around a particular dish that is then explained and demonstrated throughout the episode to the point where even a novice cook could probably do a good job making it.


Next up is Gourmet Samurai, a show so new that it apparently doesn’t have an english trailer yet! The story is about a newly retired man in his 60s and his struggle with learning how to enjoy his newfound freedom, often through food. There’s also an imaginary samurai? I’m only two episodes in but I love it dearly already and look forward to continuing the series over the next week or so.


Do you have any foodie shows you like? What’s your favorite fictional depiction of enjoying a meal? Tell me in the comments!


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