2017 · Netflix and Chill

On Jaques

Yesterday I did something I’ve never done before — I went to the movies all on my own. A few weeks ago a local cinema had a competition and I was lucky enough to win a free ticket to L’Odyssée – a biopic about Jacques Cousteau and his ambitions to explore, conquer and ultimately protect the seas of the world.

It’s a full on 100% drama, which also made it a bit heavy at times but it’s beautifully filmed and asked a lot of questions about what you’re willing to compromise in order to get what you want. While I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it to just anyone, it’s a good movie if you like Jacques Cousteau, the ocean, or emotional stories about the complicated relationship between a father and his sons. You should probably see it with someone, as I liked it more the more I talked about it with a friend (who hadn’t seen it, mind you!)

Also, when I said I went alone? I was the only one at the viewing. Apparently french dramas about underwater explorers don’t draw a huge crowd at 1.30 on a Wednesday afternoon.


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