2017 · Life: Help I'm Alive

On happy birthdays

I turned 32 a couple of days ago and as a great gift to me from the universe, I came down with a cold which essentially meant that any plans I had of celebrating my birthday, my mom’s birthday (two days before mine) or Easter went down the drain. To top it off the bi-weekly DnD session was cancelled due to illness (not mine) so in a week where I had lots of social stuff to do, I got to do none of it.

It’s not so bad, really. Cancelling social obligations mean I had obligations to cancel in the first place and hanging around the house for a couple of days was probably good for me in the long run. I got to do some thinking and it’s brought me just close enough to my next deadline to set a bit of a fire under my ass. Not to mention, this is the first time me and the boyfriend have been sick at the same time since we moved in together and if there’s one thing that determines whether a relationship is solid or not it’s being gross and snotty together.

All in all, even though I missed out on my birthday the one year I actually had some plans, I’m not complaining. Life is what you make of it and I’m lucky enough to have good things going for me. Not sweating the small stuff conserves energy, encourages hair growth and makes you smell like lilacs in spring. I’m pretty psyched about getting back to being more productive though, regardless of how nice this downtime of eating chocolate and reading erotic comics has been.


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