2017 · Life: The Freelancer Lifestyle

On subjective productivity, part two

You can tell that I’m regaining the momentum lost over moving houses, because I’m starting to have a real problem with 1) stopping work for the day and 2) remembering exactly how much I’ve actually accomplished when I do clock out. Yesterday I did a full illustration and finished tones on four comic pages, which is a pretty okay amount of work, and yet by the time the boyfriend came home I felt like I’d mostly been wasting my time.

In other news, I took a peek at my future pitches for Filthy Figments since I’m about to wrap up my first story and realised I don’t have one or two but five possible choices. This is just the porn stuff, mind you. I have material for another five non-porn comics that I really want to sink my teeth into before long so maybe it’s a good thing I’m building up steam again. I just love my job so much, you guys. It needs to pay better, but that’s okay. We’ll get there.

For now, back to the comic mines


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