2017 · Life: Rica Meets World

On encouraging the nerd

My mom is a sweet lady who trained race horses when she was a teenager. I always knew she was cool, but I never really understood how nerdy she actually is. It’s been escalating during the last few years, mostly through documentaries and coming with me to open lectures at the history museum, but having an interest in science and history isn’t too weird or surprising. It’s more something I could see her be interested in but never really have an outlet for until we started talking more about it.

What is completely out of left field is how nerdy she is. She’s a huge accidental fan of the Outlander books, she followed Merlin somewhat religiously while they aired it on TV and she recently confessed to a deep love of Spider-Man for reasons unknown. I’ve always wanted nerdy parents so you bet I’ll be encouraging this as much as I can! It’s her 62nd birthday next week and today I got her coasters and a lunch box with classic Spider-Man on them. Next stop: find a way to let her play Breath of the Wild, another thing she surprisingly showed great interest in doing.


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