2017 · Games: It's-a me Mario

On waking the wind, part one

I promise you, this will not be full of fart jokes. Probably.

When I was younger, I used to play video games all the time. It’s how I spent my free time, partially because I lived out in the middle of nowhere so hanging with my friends wasn’t easily done, but also because it provided so much more entertainment and stimuli than watching the same movies over and over. It’s art and fosters problem solving and it builds a community where you can find people with similar interests, or at least a topic of conversation if you’ve played the same games. It’s an industry. Video games, like comics, are just as important and serious as novels and movies.

The last few years I haven’t played as much. Mostly it’s been a time issue and then I lived with some people who played a lot of video games, putting me in the situation where I could either butt in on their television time or play alone. Neither option felt all that great and so I stopped. I’ve messed around on Steam a little bit. I played and loved Gone Home, I spent a summer nearly beating Dragon Age: Origins and I successfully completed LA Noire but that’s very much all of my video game experiences these last few years. I’m a watcher these days. It’s comforting having a Let’s Play on while I work, so I can experience the game without sacrificing time for it and I’ve always enjoyed hanging out when someone else is playing next to me. It’s social without being overbearing. It takes the pressure off of performing 1337 vidya game skillz in front of someone else. It’s chill.

And then, last weekend, I casually mentioned to my partner that I’d wanted to play Wind Waker for awhile. I’ve only ever played Link’s Awakening to the Game Boy, Zelda games have never really caught my attention that much but Wind Waker seemed like fun. Instead of accepting this as the off hand comment it was, he retrieved his Wii Game Pad, made me an account and put the game in my hands and let me tell you, that was the only push I needed. The problem has always been getting to play regularly enough that I remember the plot and know the controls, something that’s difficult when you have no handhelds and share a tv with other people, so getting to do this was a perfect come back. I can beat up moblins while he overrides scrappers and no one has to compromise a single thing.

So far I’ve only gotten to Windfall Island. I may come back to my seafaring adventures as I get further in.


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