2017 · Games: you can't crit with us

On worlds colliding

You know that moment when two people or two things that have, up until this moment, been part of completely separate spheres suddenly meet and make a thing together? Like a cross over episode in real life. This week has been really good for that and what’s even weirder is that both times it’s been related to tabletop roleplaying. The latest episode of Critical Role featured Noelle Stevenson as a guest player – a comic artist that I’ve followed since she was in art school, long before fame and fortune and Eisner Awards!

Meanwhile over at the Adventure Zone, they recently released a bonus episode through the MaxFun Drive where Lin Manuel Miranda joins as a guest player. You know that guy, right? Pulitzer prize winner, Tony Awards winner, Oscar Awards nominee, famous actor and writer and rapper, the Hamilton guy. That guy. Joining the McElroy brothers for an adventurous romp in dungeons and/or dragons. Not that it’s as much of a surprise, the four of them have been good friends for a long time but I never in a million years thought Lin would have enough time to actually join in on a session.

This is a really good week for dungeoneering.


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