2017 · Games: you can't crit with us

On dungeoneering, part two

Last night, second session of the intrepid adventures of… okay, our group of adventurers aren’t nearly friendly enough to have a cool group name like Vox Machina or Trés Horny Boys yet but I’m sure it’ll come in time!

All in all, it was a really fun session. Our DM is brilliant with plot and although we players did a lot of meandering from time to time I feel like we actually accomplished things at the end of the night. We rolled dice! I got to cast a spell! A wraith scared us shitless and an old priest gave us shelter in a church ruin! Our high elf got bad touched by his lustful patron and it was kind of the most hilarious thing because he was really into it? We had a lot of fun, even though we were missing our darling bard due to her doing actual real life bard stuff someplace else.

I think I have to work on some things though. There was a lot I wanted to do, or a lot of scenes where I felt like I should’ve been more active. I’ve had some pretty awful DnD experiences in the past so I didn’t go into this with the highest of hopes. Add my weird aversion to improvisation theatre to the mix and you can see how I keep getting in my way here. The first session was easier, probably because I was just sort of thrown into it without a chance to really think about it, but this time I was prepared and it kind of bit me in the ass?

What’s good is that the group and our DM are both so good that I actually want to improve and live up to their standard rather than turn my nose up at it and say that it’s not for me, the way I’ve done in the past. I’m going to do some character work for the next session, work on a voice and do some improvisation on my own, maybe even write some short scenes to give myself a better idea of who she is. In a way I feel about the same as I do when I’m writing a character for a comic script and don’t have a clear view of who they are yet, so figuring that out would be a really good start. I love playing and I love my group, so damn if I’m going to let this stand in my way of having fun.


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