2017 · Feed me Seymour

On cooking and ASMR

Since I’m already on a bit of cooking and baking streak, how about some more channel recommendations? Some of these might be a touch stressful if you yourself like to bake and can’t quite achieve the level of perfection that’s present in these videos, or if you’re like me and simultaneously feel like there isn’t enough time in the world to spend on something this elaborate as well as feeling like you’ve done nothing with your own life. Hopefully you’ll find these nice and soothing, as I’m sure they’re intended to be.


I was introduced to this channel fairly recently and if you like someone doing complicated things well, this is the channel for you. Cookie decorations set to instrumental music, with text instructions on top in case you’d be mad enough to actually attempt this yourself. Some things are simpler and totally achievable even by clumsy novices like myself. I might even try some of these later on this year, once I’ve overcome my irrational failure at cookie making.


Peaceful Cuisine 

Cooking and baking videos with no music at all, but instead with really great audio quality. I’m not really into ASMR myself, but these videos are the closest I’ve gotten to understanding the point of it. Text instructions on the screen if you wish to follow along, a lot of the recipes are vegetarian or vegan.




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