2017 · Life: Rica Meets World

On hidden gems

Okay, second post about yesterday but this was such a magic experience I need to have it down in writing for future generations. After Soda Nation (which I talked briefly about here) we decided to grab something to eat, which was harder than you’d think on a Sunday in the capital of Stockholm. A lot of things that seemed to be the right level of casual were closed and the rest seemed to be Proper Restaurants which was way too advanced for what we were after. Tired and bordering on cranky, we resigned ourselves to the first decent place we could find and lo and behold, across the street there was a sign for pizza.

It looked like any old local pizzeria on the corner, except all pizzas were on sourdough which isn’t too weird for that neighborhood but certainly should’ve clued us in that this wasn’t just any ol’ place. The menu was nailed up by the door and the curtains were drawn over the windows, so we both expected it to be a pretty average place and then we walked inside.

It’s small. Two tables, seating 8 in total, with a few stools lining one wall. A deli counter and a counter for making pizza and that was very much it. The walls were covered in knick-knacks (we counted around 15 working clocks, all showing the right time which is insane because this was the first day after daylight savings) and posters for operas in Italian. Behind the counter, an older possibly Italian and somewhat grumpy gentleman who directed us to take a seat anywhere before he brought out complimentary coleslaw and sourdough bread. Blown away by the unexpected atmosphere, we were really hoping that the food would live up to the same expectations.


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It absolutely did. Let me tell you, this might have been the absolute best pizza I have had in my life. American style which for once didn’t mean a fatty deep dish or a pan style pizza, but a proper american pizza like the ones I had in Pennsylvania many years ago, except the bottom was so thin it was damn near a thing of beauty. Fresh ham, fresh tomatoes, fresh mushrooms and just enough spice in the sauce to leave your mouth burning for a moment. It was so good, you guys. After the first slice I felt sad because I knew there was no way I was going to be able to finish it, no matter how valiantly I tried.

Definitely going back here some day and if future me reads this and still haven’t gone – what the fuck are you waiting for?


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