2017 · Life: Rica Meets World

On growing up

This past Saturday, I had dinner with my cousins. This is a bigger deal than it might sound, but the fact of the matter is that we’ve always lived relatively close to each other and yet never really managed to meet up more than once or twice every year, if that. I think the age difference is at least partly to blame — my oldest cousin D is 8 years older than me and his sister L is perfectly in the middle, 4 years my senior. Growing up, this meant that they were always in a different life stage than me. I was a kid, they were teenagers. I was a teenager, they were young adults who could drive cars and go out and drink. I was a young adult, they were career professionals with jobs and families. We never really synced up – until now.

I’ll be 32 in a couple of weeks and that seems to be around the point where the age difference has started to blur. We lead very different lives but we still have some things that bind us together – work, relationship drama, having a beer together, talking about things that happened in the family as we were growing up, but were too far apart to really discuss it at the time. Saturday was pretty cathartic in that sense, getting to talk to my cousins who I’ve looked up to for so long and kind of prove that hey, I’m an adult too. I even got to shock them a bit by talking about my current gig as a maker of erotic comics which was really awesome because somehow these people who’ve known me more or less my entire life has this idea of me as a good and proper girl? How did this come to be, I have no idea.

It was a good time. I hope this is the start of a lot more hangouts, all three of us are pretty neat people.


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