2017 · Feed me Seymour

On cooking for nerds, part one

Although it’s been many years since I had any kind of professional relationship with food, I still really enjoy cooking on occasion. One thing I’ve never quite gotten good at though is baking and I think the only thing that can actually get me in the mood to try after all these years is doing it like a nerd. I don’t mean mathing up the ingredients, but rather cooking things with a nerdy twist or recreating recipes from fiction.

One of my favorite youtube shows (one I should watch a lot more than I do) for this particular narrow genre is Feast of Fiction.  From candy to baked goods to actual healthy meals, they make sweet, informative videos that pretty much anyone can follow along with. This is a recent upload, but the one that got me hooked was the Water Tribe noodles from Legend of Korra.  There’s something for everyone on that channel, for sure.


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