2017 · Life: Attempts were made

On banging your head against the wall

So, I’ve been having computer troubles. This is nothing unusual, and hopefully nothing serious, just incredibly annoying. It’s not hindering me in my day to day job, while still somehow being concerning enough that it’s, you guessed it, hindering in my day to day job by sheer power of existing. I’m not even sure what’s going on anymore, seeing as every time I troubleshoot and find what looks to be a solution, the problems disappear and then immediately come back again. Sigh.

I’m not even looking for advice right now (I’d go someplace else with a lot more information for that) but some days you just have to whine for a bit to regain the energy necessary to tackle the issues again. Maybe this weekend I’ll actually sit down and do a complete scan of what the problems might be. Maybe. Most likely, I’ll watch cartoons in my underwear.


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