2017 · Life: Attempts were made

On waiting for too long

You know how sometimes you see something you really want and it’s not even a lot of money, but enough money for you to question whether you should buy it. It’s not like you need the thing, but it’s a cool thing and you can afford it even if it’s a couple of bucks pricier than you’re comfortable with for what it is and then you keep seeing an ad or something for the thing, taunting you until you finally give in and say fuck it, I’ll buy it.

And then it’s out of stock.

I’ve just gone through this emotional rollercoaster with regards to this fantastic enamel pin, over the course of several months. I’m sure the artist will restock as they have in the past, but what if they don’t? Am I too late? Will I never know the joy of putting this pin on my leather jacket, along with the other enamel pins I coveted so dearly?

(Okay, I may be developing an addiction to enamel pins, like the hipster I secretly long to be)

Don’t sleep on happiness, no matter how small, unless sleeping makes you happy. I am quickly losing direction with this post so I’ll just tie it off here and wait for this very minor thing to resolve itself in a few days time, where I can once again spend $12 on something I don’t actually need but will absolutely benefit an indie artist I like, and if that’s not half the point then I don’t know what is.


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