2017 · Life: Mind Palace

On romance, part two

I’m not a very romantic person. I’ve written about this before, so some of you might already be aware of my identity as an aromantic. Despite this, I feel like I need to talk a bit about my weekend because it hit a romantic cord in me that I wasn’t aware I had. I will keep this somewhat impersonal in parts because gosh, sharing intimate details of your life on the internet is not a cool thing.

So. Saturday morning. Cuddles in bed and then we get up, I slip into the button up shirt I had on the day before, we make French Toast together in the kitchen and watch the series finale of Gravity Falls. Saturday morning cartoons has become a bit of a tradition for us in the short time we’ve lived together. It feels like it’s been years, but honestly it’s more like a month. After breakfast we hang out, watch youtube, decide to head into town because I have a comic to pick up and it’s a nice enough day. On the elevator leading up from the subway he puts an arm around my shoulders. Neither of us are good with physical affection in general, so this is a big deal. We spend an hour in town and then head back home. He treats me to a burger for dinner.

Sunday. The weather is better. We stay in bed for a bit longer than we should, before getting up for cereal and Rick and Morty, a not entirely worthy successor to Gravity Falls but what can you do? After a couple of hours we decide to go out for pizza. He treats. Not wanting to go home just yet we head into town again for coffee and Dunkin Donuts, my treat. While waiting for the subway, he pulls me in to sit on his lap. We talk and he listens when I explain about my sporadic panic attacks. He usually listens to me and when he doesn’t, he notices that he didn’t.

I’m not good with romance but I kind of feel like this is what it’s supposed to be like. My first boyfriend gave me flowers and never let me forget an anniversary, but none of that ever really connected. This guy has never been in a relationship and yet I feel like maybe he’s figured it out better than anyone else I’ve been with, like everything else he does. He thinks and reflects and when he finally does something, it’s perfect.

This is too schmoozy for my taste, but I felt like it had to be preserved somehow. It’s rare for me to find something like this and actually have it work out (fingers crossed).


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