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On stumbling into a niche

On March 11th 2016, I debuted as an erotic comic artist for Filthy Figments. This was my first time drawing original erotic comics and before applying in November the year before, I hadn’t even considered doing sexy art work beyond the occasional pinup commission. It’s not that I find doing that kind of work repulsive – more the contrary – but it wasn’t part of my skill set, or so I thought. I certainly never imagined that it would take up most of my time, or that I would enjoy working on it so much.

I’m currently working on the fourth chapter of the historical lesbian comic that got me started with this and by the time chapter five ends (and the series with it) I’ll have made well over 100 pages of erotic comics with that title alone. I have another two or three potential titles to pitch once Belle wraps up, but my sex-centered comic work isn’t restricted to that site alone. I recently got accepted into the annual Dirty Diamonds anthology (third year in a row!) with a story about how working with sex relates to actually having sex, and I’m also waiting to hear back from Passionfruit, a queer erotic anthology where I’m hoping to do a cyber noir story about a grizzled detective and their burlesque performer boyfriend. I also have a couple of sex positive stories that I might end up doing on my own, self publishing online or selling as pdfs on itchio.  Sex comics have taken over my life and they are without a doubt making me into a better creator.

I think I know what to blame. This is a topic I’ll get into a lot more with the Dirty Diamonds comic, so I’m going to keep this a bit brief, but if there’s one thing that changed in the last couple of years it’s that I started reading Sex Criminals. It’s a silly, sex positive comic about a girl and a boy who can stop time when they orgasm and then use that power to rob banks and save a library. It made me think about sex differently, both as a narrative tool but perhaps even more so as a part of life. This is, perhaps, a topic for another post, so I’ll leave it off here. Do read sexy comics tho, mine or others.


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