2017 · Games: you can't crit with us

On dungeoneering, part one

This is going to be an ongoing series, detailing the adventures of my halfling cleric Elira Brushfire. I swom to Jon this is going to be ridiculously nerdy and probably not all that entertaining to anyone but me, but you could practically say the same about anything else I write on this blog so who actually cares?

Wednesday night, I had my very first actual for real Dungeons and Dragons session. I dabbled a little in my early twenties, but our group didn’t meet regularly, none of us had all that much experience and our DM was more interested in the stats and stereotypes than any actual… y’know. Roleplaying. Needless to say I was a little apprehensive going into this but my best friend has played with this group for a couple of months now and he’s said nothing but good things. I was determined to stick it out for a couple of sessions, fully prepared that it would be awkward for at least the first few sessions.

Thing is, it really wasn’t? I don’t know if it’s the group or if I’ve simply grown up a bit since I was 22 but it was really fun right from the start. I think what really helped was that the DM put me in a situation where my character didn’t really know what was going on or what she was supposed to do, so any nerves I had about not being familiar with the world went away quickly. What’s even better is that it seems like my fellow players really enjoy my character, which only makes me want to play a lot more!

So, Elira. A halfling cleric in a world where clerics don’t really exist anymore, from a small halfling village a bit out of the way of the rest of the world, belong to a family of devout followers to the Raven Queen. I am so invested to this adorable young woman already, with all her insecurities and culture clashes from just having started exploring the world, to her undying devotion to a deity that hasn’t spoken to her even once in her entire life and then suddenly calls for her to save the world.

I’m probably not going to recount the adventures blow by blow here, but I might post some pictures of my girl and my gear, or some bits and pieces that stood out as particularly great. Needless to say, this is my favorite new hobby. Is it Wednesday yet?



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