2017 · Life: Help I'm Alive

On being old and sleepy

I know, I know. I’m not that old, but I am past thirty and I’ve noticed a few things in the last few years that have changed from when I was twenty-something. There’s the usual stuff like not being able to work on no sleep, or staying up all night without feeling like shit in the morning.

The most surprising thing is that as spring approaches, I wake up early regardless of when I went to sleep, and by early I mean right around the time the sun goes up. This is okay when we’re still in March and the sun rises around six am, but these next few weeks before I adjust to more daylight are going to be… rough. I’m in Sweden. Around midsummer, the sun barely sets where I live (doesn’t set at all up north) and that means not getting all that much sleep at all. Couple that with actually being able to do some good work for the first time in two months and you have an overstimulated, easily excited puppy of a brain and a very tired me. Oh boy.

Anyone got any good tips for sleeping better when the sunlight comes back (that doesn’t involve melanin because hey, that ain’t a thing here)? Do you sleep weird at certain points of the year? Are you affected by the full moon maybe, because my mom sure is.


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