2017 · Netflix and Chill

On challenging video games

As some of you might already know, Justin and Griffin McElroy both work for Polygon where they write about video games, make review videos about video games and do other stupid shit (including the previously mentioned Monster Factory).

Griffin especially has given himself some unique challenges over the last few years. You all love Skyrim, right? It’s a gorgeous, detailed game that pulls the player into a rich fantasy world where you can choose to be the hero… or the oppressor. It’s been out for awhile though and some players might feel like it needs a bit of help to stay fun. Like mods. Mods are great, right?

Enter Touch the Skyrim, a video series where Griffin McElroy fills Skyrim with mods until the game simply cannot take it anymore, challenging co-host Nick Robinson to spot the difference. It’s kind of great and v.2 is promising to be the sexiest playthrough ever, aow aow.


Too sexy for you? How about an emotional journey in the land of Pokémon? Some players who don’t feel like the original game is challenging enough make up their own rules on what you can and can’t do, the major difference being that any pokémon that faints is actually dead and has to be removed from the party and released into the wild. Griffin’s nuzlocke run is fashionable, heartbreaking and full of good goofs. Great to have on in the background while you’re slogging away on something boring.


Not enough? Do you need more stupid challenges in a fantasy environment? If that’s the case, let me introduce you to Peacecraft, Griffin’s relatively new series where he plays as Raandyy, a gnome pacifist trying to do an Amazing Race style cross-country trek in World of Warcraft. No murder, no violence, only love and kisses. I know very little about WoW having never played it but this makes me kind of want to make an account and run around being a doofus.


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