2017 · Life: The Freelancer Lifestyle

On time pessimism

Not too long ago I was made aware of the fact that the term time pessimist seems to be a mostly Swedish construction. It basically means someone who never believes there’s enough time, frequently arriving at events ridiculously early out of fear of missing it. I’m a time pessimist, for sure, though that’s perhaps understandable considering the place I grew up. (More on that some other time, that’s way too much to unpack like this).

My problem isn’t just that I’m a time pessimist. It’s that I’m also a time optimist, at least when it comes to long term projects. Being a freelancer I usually juggle a few different things at any given time, which means I have a carefully planned schedule set up for myself. If I followed this schedule, I’d have around 3-5 weeks to finish something that shouldn’t take more than two, giving me plenty of time for unexpected delays and surprise work that could pop up in the meantime. Do I follow this carefully planned schedule? Of course not. Do I wait until the last week to ink 12 pages of intricate architecture? Absolutely.

Despite this, I’ve never missed a deadline (so far). Thank heavens for caffeine is all I have to say.


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