2017 · Life: Attempts were made

On catching up

It’s rare that I feel like I don’t have some catching up to do, be it with work or listening to podcasts or, like right now, blogging. It’s ridiculously easy to fall behind and once you start you can’t really stop? I’m going to make an effort to get on track though and with the way things are looking right now (knock on wood) I think I have a good chance of managing it. I do some of my best work under pressure.

The most important part of catching up is being organised and knowing what you’re catching up with. In the spirit of that, I am currently 14 posts behind before I catch up on the 1 post/day ambition. Expect a lot of double, triple or quadruple posts in the weeks to come, hopefully with some content you’re actually interested in reading rather than me just filling out the void with pointless ramblings so it looks like I’ve done work when in reality, I have not.

It’s Friday and I actually did a bit of work today, so I think I’m going to hop in the shower, go out for groceries and then work and cook until my partner comes home for the usual Friday night hang outs. I’ll talk to you later, lovelies!


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