2017 · Life: Help I'm Alive

On comebacks

So I think it’s safe to say February was a bit of a bust, blogging wise. I’m not entirely sure how many posts I have to do to catch up, as I haven’t done the math yet, but future posts that aren’t being written at a quarter to midnight will probably have some sort of counter or other indicator to show just where I’m at with all this. Oh boy.

Yesterday was the last day in the old apartment and let me tell you, I could not stay there another day, emotionally or physically. I’m still coughing dust and spent most of the day alternating between unpacking and performing self care in the shape of hot showers, deep conditioner and body butter (why does it feel just like butter?). It’s good to be done. Everything hurts. I’m giving myself one more day of nice things and then it’s back to the comics mine full time.

While I’m nearly unpacked physically, it may be some time before I’m done emotionally. Although the move is over I’m sure I’ll come back to the subject again, especially considering how both me and my former roommate choked up as we turned off the light and locked the door one last time. Total sitcom series finale. For now, I sleep and gear up for the next stretch of my life.

Thanks for being patient with me, lovelies.


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