2017 · Life: Help I'm Alive

On packing your bags and moving away, part seven

I moved the cat yesterday (hence the radio silence) and although she hasn’t been outside the old apartment even once since moving there nearly nine years ago, she took it like a champ. Getting in the carrier? Not a problem. Going on the bus and then later a crowded train? Easy. Being let out in a completely new place where she’s never been before, with new smells and sounds? It was like she did this shit every day. I think it’s official; my cat is less nervous about this than I am and in a way, that’s disappointing. I trusted you, cat. How are you this chill?

The coolest cat in cool town. 

Today has mostly been spent killing time and, for another 45 minutes or so, catching up on blogging. I’m moving the rest of my essentials here tomorrow, like the computer chair I’d need to even consider getting work done, so there’s not a whole lot for me to do other than keep the cat company and mess around online. Kind of nice. Also kind of boring. Luckily I I’m going to sign some contracts with the storage facility in an hour, so I can take part of this unseasonably early but gorgeous spring day.

Things are looking up.


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