2017 · Life: Help I'm Alive

On packing your bags and moving away, part five

I’m three short days away from never sleeping in this apartment again and let me tell you, I’m going stir crazy trying to rally help with packing and sorting what goes where and let’s not even get into just arranging a day for a friend with a car to come over and help me lug some stuff (I have neither a car, nor a license). Needless to say the lagging of posts will continue for the rest of the month but hopefully ease up a bit after this coming weekend. Oh boy.

To make this post a little more meaty, let me share a Chrome plugin that I added today: Youtube Playlist Reverse Order. I watch a lot of Let’s Plays while I work and at times, the person making them hasn’t taken the time to put the videos in chronological order, instead leaving them in the order they were uploaded. It makes for an annoying watching experience. This plugin will help you fix that.


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